Message from Dean(Academic Programs)

University education provides the right kind of learning opportunities to students when they are maturing to young citizens of the country from their teenage. This is the time when young generation interacts with the need of the real world and decides to apply their knowledge for solving various issues. The education then becomes free from the class rooms and laboratories. At this very point it is also important to become responsible, supportive, reciprocative and innovative human being who can bring meaningful changes in the society. DA-IICT, Gandhinagar is committed to impart such knowledge to the students who can stand up and take responsibilities to carry forward our society in the right direction. Everybody is aspiring to become successful human being. We believe that success comes only with hard work. I have full faith on my students that all of them will be hard working and I request parents to motivate and help their wards to achieve success through hard work. This phase of the life is very sensitive for the students and perhaps causing anxiety to their parents. I promise to join hands with parents through interactive system, such as this portal, to address various issues and requirements. Let us make a brighter society by transforming the young generation for more effective use.

Thanking You
Suman K. Mitra
Dean (Academic Programs)