Smoking Prohibition

1. Anti-alcohol, smoking and other bad practices related rules:

The following bad habits and illegal acts are strictly prohibited in the campus: 2. Any person found guilty of the same, would face strict disciplinary action (minimum is expulsion from the Halls of Residence).
3. The entire campus is declared as a "No smoking zone" for students.
4. In case a student is found smoking1 on the campus, (s) he would be given a warning and counseled against repeating the act. I f the same student is found to be repeating the same act, then (s) he would be charged a fine of Rs. 500 (rupees five hundred onl y) and his/her parents/guardians would be informed about the same. Any further repeat of the same would result in the expulsion of the resident from the HoR and/or reporting the matter to the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC).

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